Try Not to Cry While Watching These Women Recreate Their Mothers’ Old Photos!

Weddings are such a special time for everyone in the family who is celebrating. Three women brought back memories of that important moment by recreating their mothers’ wedding photos. This touching video shows that while traditions may change, family ties are forever.

When one of the mothers was asked what she thought her daughter would look like, she replied, “Like my reflection.” As you’ll see, she was absolutely right!

For their part, the daughters are grateful to have mothers that care so deeply for them (even tough they have differences, of course). One of the daughters predicted that when she gets married, “The first thing that she’ll tell me when I’m getting ready is, whatever you wear you will look good.” That couldn’t be more true – for any daughter!

The relationship between mothers and daughters is born out of a love like no other. It is a love that strengthens our communities and improves the bonds all women share with each other. Now you can give that love back by supporting mammograms for women in need.

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