These Red Flag Symptoms Could Point To Cancer

“Cancer” is a scary word for any patient.

Although some seemingly minor and irritating aspects of your health may be annoying, doctors frequently warn patients about 10 potential signs that they could have cancer. These signs don’t mean you automatically have cancer, but you might look into these medical maladies just in case – because early detection saves lives.

Take a look.

10. Persistent Cough

A persistent, long-term cough may be linked to lung cancer, especially if chest pain occurs with it.


9. Unexplained Weight Loss

Unexplained weight loss could indicate several types of cancer, including liver, stomach, pancreatic and esophageal cancer.

In general, this happens when you lose 10 pounds or more without any clue as to why.


8. Skin Mole Changes

Any skin mole that changes might be a sign of skin cancer. Look for a spot that grows larger, changes shape, alters its color or becomes crusty after bleeding.

Photo: AdobeStock/amixstudio
Photo: AdobeStock/amixstudio

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7. Fatigue

Fatigue, or a tired feeling, could be a sign of anemia or an iron deficiency in your blood. It could also be a sign of colon cancer.


6. Sores That Don’t Heal

Sores that don’t heal, particularly in the mouth, could be symptoms of cancer.


5. Persistent Pain

Persistent pain in various parts of the body may indicate early signs of bone cancer. A constant headache that doesn’t go away could be brain cancer, while back pain may be a symptom of colon, ovary or rectal cancer.


4. Change in Bladder Habits

A change in your bladder function might indicate bladder or prostate cancer. Look out for needing to urinate more or less frequently without any explanation.


3. Difficulty Swallowing

Difficulty swallowing could mean esophageal cancer, or cancer that affects the tube that connects your mouth to your stomach. If the problem persists for more than two weeks, and you lose weight at the same time, consider seeking medical attention.


2. Unexplained Lump

An unexplained lump, especially one that changes in size, could point to cancer in the lymph nodes, breast cancer or testicles. You usually feel these lumps through the skin and in soft tissues.


1. Not Just a Lump

Breast cancer has many other symptoms beyond just a lump in the breast. Watch for red or [thickened skin], a bloody discharge from the nipple, a change in breast size, inward nipple contraction and pain in the breast area.


Make sure to talk to your doctor about what any of these 10 signs or symptoms may mean for your particular situation.

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