Three-Year-Old Wonder Girl Refuses to Give Up Hope, Vows to Keep Battling Brain Tumors

Sophia Sandoval has endured more in her first three years than many people go through in a lifetime. The youngster was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in May 2014 and underwent eight months of chemotherapy, according to Pop Sugar. How did Sophia handled the rough chemo inspired hundreds of thousands of Facebook followers who shared in her quest to beat cancer?

“It was tough, but I was tougher.”

Sophia watched superhero shows on television during her chemotherapy treatments. Her mother told Sophia that every time oncologists gave her the medicine, the little girl received superhero powers. On the final day of her chemotherapy in February 2015, Sophia donned a Wonder Woman outfit and struck a pose on her hospital bed. The girl held a sign that reads “My last day of chemo. It was tough, but I was tougher.”

Sophia’s last day of chemo.

A few days after the photo, the Jessie Rees Foundation posted the pic to its Facebook page. The Wonder Woman-clad super girl caught the attention of Lynda Carter, who called Sophia a “real life Wonder Woman,” notes The Today Show. A few weeks after her final treatment, doctors examined her brain with an MRI to see if the cancer had disappeared.

The type of cancer Sophia has typically strikes younger children. A tumor grows towards the back of the brain and causes the child to lose their balance. The survival rate is very good for kids when doctors catch the cancer early. Up to 80 percent of children live cancer-free five years after the initial diagnosis, notes the American Brain Tumor Association.


Even though Sophia’s major chemotherapy treatment wrapped in January, the superhero still has some battling to do. Doctors noticed two small tumors on June 4, 2015, and Sophia needs more treatment. A [Facebook] page for Team Sophia Sandoval updates fans on her progress and the family continues to ask for prayers and encouragement.

As of July 2015, her tumors continue to shrink as doctors monitor Sophia’s condition at Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio with MRIs and additional chemotherapy. However, the family’s medical bills keep adding up due to more life-saving medical procedures.

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