Rooster’s Instagram Shows The Cat Is A ‘Big Time’ Film Buff

Every pet on Instagram has a niche. Grumpy Cat has her constantly sour expression. Tuna the chiweenie melts people’s hearts with his smile. Rooster the Cat takes the word “huge” to a new level. The Russian blue is 26 pounds, and his owners photoshop him into different situations, including pictures from famous movies. Discover the awesome work from Rooster’s owners.

“Return of the Jedi”

Here’s Rooster sitting in for Jabba the Hutt behind Princess Leia. It’s his tribute to the late Carrie Fisher.

“Harry Potter”

Instead of “Harry Potter,” maybe Rooster can become Hairy Potter. Here he is as everyone’s favorite head of Hogwart’s.

Kung Fu Fighting

Rooster is kung fu fighting with his Bruce Lee impression.

“The Bodyguard”

Who knew that Rooster could act and sing?


Here’s Academy Award-winner Tom Hanks on the shores of his deserted island in “Castaway.” Either that or Rooster is starring in “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” or a live action “Where’s Waldo?”

Hip-Hop Star

Rooster wants to be hip-hop star in the newest DJ movie about how a young couple finds love on the dance floor. All he needs is a ball cap worn sideways and some bling and he’s good!

Elizabeth Taylor, Re-Imagined in “Cleopatra”

Here, Rooster gives his impression of Elizabeth Taylor as Egyptian queen Cleopatra from her 1963 film. It’s a fitting role for a cat, since Rooster is a the king of his household.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Pets are notorious for finding Pokemon. Rooser is no exception. The bird looks tasty.

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Eats Up Fame

Rooster eats up fame like he eats breakfast. He loves it, embellishes it and owns it. Imagine this as a dinner scene from any romantic comedy.

“Legally Blonde”

Rooster plays Reese Witherspoon’s character in “Legally Blonde” as he bonds with the people at the nail salon. Do you think pink, red or black for the claws?

“I Am Your Father!”

Rooster is Luke’s father. This lovable fluff ball is really good at hiding his feelings. No one knew he was secretly a Sith Lord!

“Red Five, Standing By!”

Clearly, Rooster has a thing for “Star Wars.” With all of these upcoming “Star Wars” movies, maybe the next director can fit him into a cameo?

Rooster’s owners have a clever way of displaying their cat-itude. If you can’t get enough of cute cats on Instagram, check out this Instagram cat, named Milla, who thinks she’s a princess!

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