Eighth Grader with Cancer Wanted to Go to This Museum for a Strange Reason

It’s been proven yet again—surviving cancer gives you the ability to do things you never thought you would do. In this case, it wasn’t that the feat couldn’t be done, but rather that young Sean Bartollucci never thought he would be in the position to be able to accomplish it. That is, he never thought he would find himself near the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

But as luck would have it, the museum was not far from the hospital where Sean was diagnosed and treated for cancer.

This teenage cancer survivor celebrated the completion of 18 months of treatment by re-enacting Rocky’s famous run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, reports ABC Action News.

Sean, an eighth-grader from the Harrisburg area, has been battling neuroblastoma at Philadelphia Children’s Hospital. He made the run after completing a grueling course of chemotherapy, radiation, and a stem cell transplant. The feat was a fitting symbol of the youngster’s determination and strength.

That’s how winning is done! Keep it up, Sean!

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