When This Fan Was Dying Of Cancer, “Seinfeld” Stars Made His Last Days Special

“Seinfeld” superfan James Anthony Calder fought a two-year battle against cancer before ultimately succumbing to the disease just prior to his 67th birthday. To brighten his dying dad’s spirits, Calder’s son reached out to the iconic TV show’s cast via social media with a request for birthday wishes.

The “Seinfeld” cast stepped up big-time, with many sending Calder personalized “Happy Birthday” videos created in-character.

In addition to the videos — available for public viewing — actors Jerry Stiller, who played Frank Costanza, and Lawrence Mandley, who played Larry the cook, sent Calder videos that they asked remain private; Michael Richards also reached out to Calder via phone.

Take a look!

John O’Hurley/J. Peterman

O’Hurley was the first actor to send an in-character video. Playing J. Peterman, he joked with Calder about an upcoming birthday trip to Papua New Guinea.

Patrick Warburton/Puddy

Warburton’s birthday wish included a highly humorous warning not to take Peterman up on his offer of a trip to Papua New Guinea. He jokingly referred to Peterman’s ulterior motives. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

Wayne Knight/Newman

Knight’s message started with the greeting “Hello, Jim,” delivered in Newman’s inimitable style. Fittingly, while in character, he inquires about the birthday cake.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Elaine Benes

Instead of creating a video in-character as Elaine Benes, Drefyfus sent a heartfelt birthday message as herself. Jim received this video just a few hours before he passed away.

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Al Roker/Al Roker

America’s favorite weatherman, Al Roker, who guest-starred as himself on a classic “Seinfeld” episode, sent a birthday wish from Hawaii. In the video, Roker offered to buy Jim a gyro.

Larry Thomas/Soup Nazi

In character as the brusque Soup Nazi, Thomas recorded a funny birthday video for Jim: “No cake for you!”

Danny Woodburn/Mickey Abbott

Woodburn, who played Kramer’s pal Mickey on several “Seinfeld” episodes, sent a birthday greeting with two gifts in mind, a pair of slim-fit jeans and a 100 percent cotton and some wool shirt.

Richard Fancy/Lippman

Referencing his personal favorite “Seinfeld” episode, actor Richard Fancy sent a birthday wish with an exclamation point.

By showing how much they cared about James Calder, the cast of “Seinfeld” lifted a dying man’s spirits and supported his family in a time of need.

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