Tinker Bell and Minnie Mouse Go the Extra Mile to Communicate with Hearing-Impaired Girl

For most kids, a trip to Disneyland creates memories that last a lifetime.

But for Shaylee, who is hearing-impaired, a visit to Disneyland was made even more memorable when Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse went the extra mile to reach out to her.

Watch the video to find out more about the Mansfield family’s incredible trip (and be ready to hold back tears at the absolute joy on Shaylee’s face)!

Here are some fun facts about sign language!

  • American Sign Language (ASL) is, in fact, considered a language in and of itself. It’s the third most commonly used one in the United States, following behind English and Spanish.
  • Like other languages, ASL has various dialects and regional differences.
  • Puns do, in fact, exist in sign language. One example is “pasteurized milk,” which can be signed across the eyes to take on the double meaning, “past-your-eyes” milk.
  • Sign language is learned in the same way people learn spoken languages.
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