Two Kids Prove That Age Has Nothing To Do With Talent

Singing shows are so incredibly addictive! And of course, we all day dream about being up on stage now and then, whether we should be or not. While seeing people stand up on stage laying their heart and soul out there for international audiences is nothing short of inspirational, few things can compare to seeing true prodigies take the stage. Sometimes, age has nothing to do with ability, and there are no better examples than these 2 kids!

In this video, 10-year-old Jeffrey Li and 7-year old Celine Tam managed to stagger the audience with their breathtaking cover of the popular Josh Groban anthem “You Lift Me Up.” Even at such a young age, the duo’s powerful vocals and polished performance of the contemporary Christian hymn impressed the studio audience and television hosts alike, garnering a well-deserved standing ovation

Watch more American Idol-style child singing sensations on the Kids edition of “The Voice” Germany.

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