This ABC Comedy Is Making the Entertainment Industry More Inclusive

It’s truly exciting that the world of television comedy is becoming more diverse and accepting as acceptance and awareness for special needs rises. ABC is leading the charge with a new show called Speechless, which focuses on the daily life of a family with a child who is nonverbal.

The trailer for the show gives you an overview of its highlights.

Speechless stars Minnie Driver and John Ross Bowie as parents Maya DiMeo and Jimmy who juggle the various needs of their children: Ray, Dylan and JJ, the eldest child who is differently-abled.

JJ is played by newcomer Micah Fowler, who has cerebral palsy in real life.

Creating a world where differently-abled people feel welcome is often a challenge for parents and families, but one town is making this task easier.

Check out the initiative that Battlefield, Missouri is undergoing to become the latest autism-friendly city in America.

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