10 States with the Cheapest Health Care Around the Country

Finding affordable, reliable health insurance is an issue everyone faces. It’s an issue that varies from person to person and from state to state, as some states have health insurance rates that are much more modest than others. A 2016 study conducted by GOBankingRates.com found some of the most reasonably-priced health care premiums around the nation. Here are 10 states that featured some of the cheapest health care plans for their residents. Check them out and see how your state compares.

10. Hawaii

Photo: Pixabay
One of Hawaii’s most affordable health care plans featured a low-cost monthly premium of $260, which was below the national average of $266 per month, and had a deductible of $2,500. The state also had flat copays for both doctor and emergency visits. Affordable health care isn’t the only draw of the Aloha State, of course. Lush growth, white sand beaches, and tropical waters don’t hurt its appeal.

9. Idaho

Photo: Pixabay
Idaho offered a health care plan with a monthly premium as low as $266, which was right in line with the national average, and with a deductible of $2,150. The state also boasted flat fees for trips to the emergency room and to primary care doctors. If you’re an outdoor lover, Idaho has much to offer; nearly half the state is made up of national forest, perfect for hiking (and staying healthy).

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