The Secrets Behind Why Some Breast Cancer Survivors Flourish After Diagnosis

What is it about breast cancer that seems to make survivors so successful? Breast Cancer Answers is addressing this very question.

The disease shows that many women they can handle far more than they ever thought possible. Some even have such successful lives after treatment that they consider cancer a blessing in disguise.

While for most people, breast cancer is no easy feat, perhaps there’s something to the idea that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Fighting against cancer has made so many people able to conquer things they never thought possible.

In this video, Breast Cancer Answers provides examples of women who have experienced such triumphs, shedding light on the common factors that fueled their successes.

Those diagnosed are challenged to channel intense emotions and pain into deep creativity. Rather than allowing cancer to steal their dreams, they use cancer as competitive fuel to accomplish their true desires and passions in life.

Watch the video to learn more. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to do something amazing with your diagnosis. As if just surviving wasn’t amazing enough!

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