This Breast Cancer Survivor Changes the Lyrics to “I Will Survive” to Reflect Her Journey

For the roughly quarter of a million women who are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in the United States each year, the complex emotional and mental burden that accompanies a positive diagnosis can be as difficult to deal with as the disease itself. However, while fighting breast cancer may seem daunting, hope is never far away once you learn to embrace the situation and resolve to rise above it.

Kira is a great example of a woman who chose not to let breast cancer drag her down and instead let it become a transformative experience in her life. After a positive diagnosis in 2015, Kira bravely fought the disease, finally overcoming it in 2016 after receiving chemotherapy and undergoing surgery to remove the infected breast. In this video taken at a Greater Harmony Chorus retreat talent show, Kira shows off her resilience and hilariously recounts her struggles, declaring, “I will survive!” through her own version of Gloria Gaynor's hit song.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer may be a scary experience, but with prompt medical care, the chances are good that you may survive it, just as Kira did. Watch the video and be inspired at her incredible resoluteness and positive outlook!

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