Kids With Cancer Have Encouraging Words For Children Who Have Just Been Diagnosed

One of the worst things that a parent can experience is the cancer diagnosis of a child. Cancer can be even more frightening and confusing to children who do not yet grasp the ideas of mortality and sickness. Very young children may think that the cancer is a result of something they did, may be scared of treatment or medication, and may have unfounded fears of being abandoned in the hospital. Teenagers may find it hard to cope with the physical fallout of treatment.

Children undergoing cancer treatment at the St Louis Children’s Hospital have a message for their peers who have been diagnosed with the disease. And you’re going to want to hear what it is, because it will tug at your heartstrings.

The children relate their own experiences with the disease, share their feelings and offer words of advice on how to cope. And this heartwarming video is likely to touch thousands of lives in the near future.

Take a look.

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