Texting With Cancer: A 25-Year-Old’s Blunt Conversation With the Thing Trying to Kill Her

Natalie Sun took her shocking, personal and private battle with breast cancer and told the rest of the world about it. Sun's unique presentation style spoke volumes to her friends, co-workers and complete strangers. Less than a year later, the young woman won an award as the voice of the people.


When Sun went to her naturopathic doctor and told him the types of symptoms she was experiencing, he told her she had to get a biopsy done right away. After a few days of worry and appointments, Sun learned of her diagnosis on July 31, 2015. Her brother, studying to be a clinical psychologist, encouraged Sun to get in touch with her feelings, positive, negative and neutral, as a healthy way to deal with the emotional struggle of going through breast cancer treatments. Texting With Cancer was Sun's way of doing just that.

Color-Coded Angst

The young woman's first blog post says “So I think my boobs are trying to kill me” before launching into a realistic look at life with breast cancer. Texting With Cancer creates a color-coded way for people to follow Sun's mental conversation through her joys, the bad days, her return to work and being too weak to eat. Pink-colored messages represent her own thoughts, while gray-shaded ones are the pessimistic cancer talking. The white message blobs are the cancer talking again, only this time with optimism. The digital artist decided to put her love of technology and creativity to use, and turned her negative diagnosis into something positive.

Webby Award

More people heard of Sun's honest and touching story. Breast cancer awareness groups invited her to write guest blogs, and international news media outlets covered the story. As the legend of Sun's struggle grew, so did her notoriety. In April 2016, the young woman won a Webby Award as the People's Voice Award.

Throughout all of Sun's treatments, her overall message is that breast cancer patients are just normal people like everyone else. She eats organic food, likes Batman and exercises daily. The brave lady also says that women are never too young or too healthy to get breast cancer, so everyone should try not to take their health for granted. Sun took a negative in her life and affected thousands of others in a positive way through her honest, frank, sometimes scary and very real story of how to live with breast cancer.

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