8 Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing a Wig

Hair loss is a common problem that breast cancer patients have to deal with. Some women choose to display their hair loss with pride, as a badge of bravery for enduring chemotherapy treatments. Other women feel more comfortable and more themselves with hair. This is where wigs come in to play. Wigs can give you the extra confidence you need to push you through treatments and focus on getting healthy. If you are considering a wig, here are the biggest do’s and don’ts for getting and wearing one with confidence and style.

8. Don’t: Wear a Wig Straight from the Package


Photo: Pixabay

Never wear a wig straight from a box. Have you ever heard of hat hair? Well, the same thing happens with wigs, but it becomes box hair. The wig takes on the dimensions of the package in which it’s shipped.

7. Do: Wash and Style It First

Photo: Pixabay

Before you go out and about, give the wig a good wash to infuse it with some shine and supply it with a natural look. Then, style it to your own individual look and preference. A good hair stylist can help with this step, especially if it’s your first try.

6. Don’t: Part It Too Far to the Side


Photo: Pixabay

Avoid any extreme side parts when styling your hair. This usually gives your wig an unnatural, bulky look. More modest side parts can do the job and still maintain the integrity of your wig.

5. Do: Opt for a Natural Hairline

Photo: Pixabay

Along with a natural-looking part, also opt for a natural hairline. A hairline that’s too far back can expose your real hair, becoming a flashing neon sign that you’re wearing a wig. A hairline too far forward can look a bit wrong with the shape of your face. Go natural.

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