Worried About Wearing A Wig While Exercising? Here Are 8 Helpful Tips

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For women who wear wigs while experiencing hair loss, exercise can go from serving as a stress-relieving activity to one that induces stress and anxiety. While wigs can help boost one’s confidence, they can also pose an issue during workouts, as they’re prone to become loose from all the vigorous movement. Ditching the wig might seem like a simple answer, but it’s not always that easy.

Reddit users Yanamarie and CorruptPixie approached their respective online communities and asked how to go about exercising while wearing a wig. Here are some of the responses they received.

[Editor’s note: Some responses have been edited for spelling, grammar, and/or length.]

8. Head Scarves Are Helpful

“If you spend your practice worrying about your wig, you won’t be able to focus. Rock a cute headscarf and get to those Down Dogs!” —Unknown


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7. Go Wig-Less

“I understand your being self-conscious, but I highly recommend ‘just saying screw it and wearing no wig.’ Nobody in the studio will pay you any attention, and it’s one fewer thing to get in the way.” —otherbill

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6. Try Some Adhesive

“You could try It Stays body adhesive. It is a water soluble body glue that is used to stick on a variety of things including wigs.” —kayla_xoxo_

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5. Wear A Baseball Cap

“I just wear a baseball cap with my hair in a ponytail. The cap hides the thin hair on top so I don’t have to wear my wig.” —KKae

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