You’ll Never Guess Why This Woman Bares All In Public

In London’s Picadilly Circus, a blindfolded woman stripped down to her underwear to promote self-acceptance, reports Daily Mail.

Jae West, a body image advocate from Perth, Australia, invited passersby to draw hearts on her skin as an indication of solidarity and support. She stood out in the middle of a busy sidewalk with a sign at her feet asking people to draw on her body to show their support for people struggling with eating disorders. She held pens in her outstretched arms, waiting to be used.

But because she was blindfolded, she really had no way of knowing what strangers would draw on her body.

Her bravery and vulnerability drew praise when footage of the event was posted online. West previously struggled with an eating disorder during high school and her early 20s.

What a beautiful way to bare it all for such a meaningful cause!

Check out the video below to see strangers’ reactions and what they wrote on her body.

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