Most Moms Have No Time for a Workout, But She’s Having None of That

Have no time to exercise because your kids don’t give you a second to breathe? Yeah, we know how you feel. Between taking the kids to school and soccer practice and helping them with homework and cooking healthy meals (or not-so-healthy meals), what mom has time to properly take care of herself?

Well, Jennifer Gelman is having none of that. A mother of four boys aged 2, 4, 6 and 8, Gelman stays fit by creatively weaving her exercises around her mommy duties, playtime activities and household chores.

How on earth does she manage to do that, you ask? We had the same question.

She does planks against the pushchair, pull-ups on the park swings and lunges while she is carrying groceries. She even uses her boys as weights. Some of her fitness routines look a little time-consuming and difficult to us, but she’d definitely got some moves in there that all of us could manage to do to help us stay physically fit without ever going to the gym!

Watch and be inspired!

Have you incorporated exercise into your daily routine? Please share!

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