Remember: We’re All In This Together! This Performance Is So Incredible.

Dance is truly an art form. It is such a powerful medium to convey truths, stories, emotions, and more. It can even create awareness for breast cancer, as this video shows!

The Royal Dance Academy Foundation established “Dance 4 Life” to support breast cancer awareness. Their dance choreography showcases the importance of strength and support by the individual, family, friends, and community. Wait until you get to 2:50: it’s incredible who they chose to include in their beautiful, moving performance!

We’re all in this together, and you can take part in this, too! Women under the age of 45 are less likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer, but when they are, the cases are often more aggressive. They can also experience infertility and early menopause. Yet because breast cancer is more common among older women, there isn’t much support available for these younger women.

SurviveDAT, a support program for these women and the people who love them, is working to change that. You can help keep this amazing initiative going. Learn how!

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