“Dance Moms” Girls Perform a Breast Cancer Awareness Dance That’s Absolutely Breathtaking!

If you like the show “Dance Moms, you’re in the right place! If you like breast cancer awareness, you’ve also come to the correct spot. And if you like Dance Moms AND breast cancer awareness? Even better! It will feel like the Dancers Care Foundation is putting on this special just for you!

Abby Lee Miller’s dancing students are no strangers to competition, but today’s dance is all about working together. And they do a fantastic job of it!


They start with just one girl on the stage, dancing gracefully to the song “New Day,” and then slowly add more and more dancers of all different ages, both boys and girls, from Abby’s classes and from several other studios. And they’re all so talented, dancing fluidly together in ways we can only dream of imitating!

Watch the video below to see the spectacular performance these kids put on to help fight breast cancer. Check out that superb skill at 1:39! These dancing children and teens really have the moves!

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