Little Girl Hears Her Favorite Song Come On In The Car & Is Totally Feeling It.

When a tune that speaks to your soul comes on, sometimes you just can’t help but move to the music!

Everybody has had a song at one point in their life that they only had to hear the first few notes of before they dropped everything and started dancing. For some of us, it’s country, for others rock and roll, for others it’s hip-hop. There’s just something about a good song that can really rock your entire soul.

Photo: Instagram/ellamai
Photo: Instagram/ellamai

One song that’s known for its smooth rhythm and melodic lyrics is “Boo’d Up,” by English R&B songstress Ella Mai. For those who love Mai’s music, this one is definitely worth closing your eyes and moving your hips to the music. There’s just something a little bit magical about it.

Photo: TODAY
Photo: TODAY

For one particular little girl, however, this song is the song. Like, the song you’d wake up out of a dead sleep to dance to.

In the viral video below, the little girl can be seen rocking some smooth moves in her car seat as she listens to “Boo’d Up” on the car radio. Does she know she’s being filmed? We’re not sure. But she sure is putting on a good show!

When the video begins, you might think the young girl is sleeping innocently in her car seat. But wait just a moment and you’ll see that she’s actually just savoring the tune with her eyes closed for maximum focus. And when you see that pudgy little arm go up, there’ll be no doubt in your mind that this girl knows exactly what to do when she hears good music.

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Photo: TODAY
Photo: TODAY

Goodness, just look at that adorable little angel. Do you remember the last time you loved a song this much?

Just a few seconds into the music, you can hear the sound of someone behind the camera chuckling as they film this little lady. Immediately, she appears to notice that she isn’t on her own plane of existence with Ella Mai, opens her eyes, and looks around.

Photo: TODAY
Photo: TODAY

If you couldn’t imagine anything more adorable than watching this little girl get her groove on, wait until you see her face when she realizes she’s been caught!

But a true music connoisseur doesn’t ever care that much when someone catches her showing off what she really loves! We can’t wait to see this girl make her own music someday!

Check out the video below to see this mini music-lover’s dance moves. Don’t forget to share so it can make someone else smile today too!

Watch the whole clip below, and don’t forget to share to put a smile on someone’s face today.

This story originally appeared at InspireMore.

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