The Queen of the House Turns into the Dancing Queen as This Mom Wins the Internet with Her Moves

Losing touch with your passion can happen, and it’s the sad reality most adults must face. The dream you once had back in school may get piled up with other responsibilities — prioritizing it would be difficult. There are many factors that push you to stop reaching your goals and connecting with your passion.

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A person might have to prioritize their career, family, or a health condition that makes them not fit to move like before. Not everyone is given the privilege to pursue a passion without making sacrifices. Nevertheless, life is also capable of surprising you — something may happen that will help you reconnect and fall in love with your passion again.

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Most mothers share that struggle. They are still determining when they’ll get the chance to pursue their passion. It’s always a question of: is it too late? Or am I too old to be doing it again? You’d also have to consider your physical condition, especially when your first love is dancing. Whenever you feel like you can’t dance like before, you must watch Kellye Arning’s videos on the internet. She will surely inspire you. You’ll realize that you can reign in two places — the household and the dance floor.

Today had the chance to interview dancing mom Kellye Arning. She shared how she loved dancing ever since she was young until life redirected her to a different path. The dancing queen’s incredible moves have been winning hearts on social media. Kellye shared that her love for the art started when she was a baton twirler. Since day one, she knew that dancing had won her heart. Kellye’s life has been full of grooves and jives from elementary, middle school, and high school.

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“I twirled for the University of Tennessee. I was a majorette for the pride of the Southland band, and Peyton Manning was my quarterback,” Kellye shared. Since she had an excellent dance background, she was able to secure a spot on the Chicago Bulls’ dance team. Dancing has brought her fantastic opportunities, which will forever be a highlight of her life. Unfortunately, Kellye had a problem with her physical health — an ACL tear happened to her three times. She had to stop the music and take a path not related to dancing.

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Life directed her to a loving family and a successful career as a social media manager. Dancing was already a thing of the past when suddenly something life-changing happened to her. “We lost our biggest account, and that was my account, and so when that went away, I was lost, and I’m trying to figure out what am I supposed to do now,” Kellye said. Then it hit her; she returned to where her heart belonged from the very start — she became a dancing mom.

Combining her knowledge about social media and love for dancing, Kellye knew she was going in the right direction. Although it picked up slowly from the start, she was still able to gain more views. Her followers on Instagram were so delighted with her. The comment section of her posts are always filled with praises, and people are grateful for the joy Kellye’s videos exude. And once again, dancing has given her the happiest of emotions and saved her from feeling lost.

Photo: Youtube/Today

Kellye also mentioned that her supportive husband helps her shoot the videos she uploads on social media. She kept dancing, which made her happy and those around her happy. The queen of the house is a living testimony that you can still be the queen of the passion you have pursued in the past. When you are presented with an opportunity and feel a spark, you better quickly grab it. Let Kellye be your inspiration by watching her reels on Instagram. She’ll definitely sway your heart and make you follow the rhythm of pursuing your passion again.

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