She Found the Lump Herself But Had No Idea About the Other Ones — Her Story Is Amazing!

When Dawn Graciano felt a lump in her breast, she did what anyone should do: she got a mammogram right away. She was not as surprised to find out she had cancer as she was to find out that there were several other cancerous and pre-cancerous lumps in her breasts that she had had no idea even existed.

Her particular condition required a double mastectomy to get rid of all of the cancerous and pre-cancerous tumors. The surgery included the removal of five lymph nodes on each side of her body.

During a photo shoot, Dawn relates her experience as a breast cancer patient and survivor. Today’s she’s cancer free and looking forward to living the rest of her life! She doesn’t have to do five years of hormone therapy, so she’s completely done with treatment. Happily, she also tested negative for the breast cancer genes that she was worried about passing down to her children.

Watch the video to hear this strong woman’s story!

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