Did Your Cancer Get Missed Late Due to ‘Dense’ Breast Tissue?

A group of Iowa breast cancer survivors are pushing lawmakers in Iowa to pass a bill that would require health care providers to notify women if their breasts are dense so they can discuss other options with their doctors.

Survivor Bridget Pargulski went for her routine mammogram every year which turned our normal for years on end. But Bridget has what’s called “dense breasts” which makes it difficult for radiologists to see potential cancer in the mammogram results. Despite her diligence, Bridget’s cancer went undetected for five years.

It’s believed that up to 50% of women have dense breasts.

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(Health care providers should be accountable for providing the same high-quality care to all breast cancer patients, regardless of race, age, or income. But that’s not the way the system works right now. You can help today by signing the Demand Quality Breast Cancer Treatment For All Women petition.)

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