Diagnosed at 29 and still going strong at 39!

Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate—it doesn’t care about age, race, sex, religion, or anything else. It is an equal opportunity disease, and that is something I wish insurance companies and others understood! I was twenty-nine years old and a single mother of two young girls when I was diagnosed. I was devastated when I first heard the news, but that was fleeting, because I had my girls to think about.

The only option that made sense to me was a double mastectomy to rid my body of the cancer. This option would be the easiest on my girls. I did not want to try and save my breasts and have them watch me endure chemo and radiation. I know my decision is one that many people disagree with. The hardest part was all the people that felt the need to tell me what I should be doing, and that my choice was wrong.

Every woman is different, every situation is different, and only the woman that is going through it can make the right choice for herself and her family! I have battled with three reconstructive surgeries so far, and have another on my horizon. I don’t ever feel sorry for myself, for I know I am not alone in the battle against this awful disease. I feel empowered, because I am a survivor! My goal is to help other women who are going through the journey. I also want to raise awareness that you can get breast cancer under thirty!

God bless all the strong women and men that are fighting the good fight against this disease!

Kim, from Louisville, KYM

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