When Your Hair Is Falling Out, Here’s How You Can Take Control And Have Fun with It!

When Diane Quigley discovered she had breast cancer, she had to decide what to do with her hair as it began to fall out. It’s a tough decision for any woman to make whether she wants to let her hair fall out slowly on its own or shave it off. And neither seems like an acceptable option for many women.

Rather than let cancer dictate how she looked, she wanted to shave her head. She didn’t want to scare anyone with the way the hair was falling out piece by piece, making her look, as she says, like a troll doll. She didn’t want to look sick. But she wanted to do something special with her head shaving too.

Diane chose to make an event of shaving her head by inviting her friends and family to join her as her locks were cut away. Everyone close to her got a chance to shave off some of her locks before her hairdresser friend finished the job.

To this day, she’s most proud of how the event helped her three-year-old daughter accept her mom’s bald head as nothing out of the ordinary. Her daughter still does not know that her mother was ever sick, and she believes shaving her head was all done for fun. In fact, she wonders if the family will ever get together and do that again!

Wigs are often key accessories to helping women cope with the physical challenges that come with cancer treatments. You can reach out to patients by removing the financial barriers to self-esteem and comfort during their fight with cancer.

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