Dietician and Chef Team Up to Teach Healthy Recipes to Prevent Breast Cancer

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While everyone should maintain a nutritious diet regardless of age, gender or current health, you can also do so to help prevent breast cancer. The American Institute for Cancer Research emphasizes that a healthy lifestyle, including making good diet choices, can reduce your risk of developing the disease. For this reason, Hillary Sachs, an oncology dietitian with North Shore-LIJ Cancer Institute, and Mitchell SuDock, executive chef at Mitch & Toni’s restaurant in Albertson, N.Y., have teamed up to teach community members how to cook nutritious meals. 

According to Newsday, the healthy diet duo will give a free presentation at Adelphi University’s University Center Ballroom on April 29. Sachs will focus her portion of the presentation on which foods are the best at helping to prevent cancer, as well as providing a few meal ideas. SuDock will prepare healthy entrees while showing the audience how to cook the meal. Attendees will be able to taste the food. 

“The American Institute of Cancer Research estimates that one in three cancer developments and recurrences can be prevented with healthy diet and lifestyle,” Sachs told the source.

Most of the foods the AICR recommends are plant-based, including items such as beans, fruit and vegetables. Nuts and green tea also make the list. 

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