Doberman Puppy is the Latest Pooch to Sniff Out Breast Cancer

Every now and then a pooch makes the news by sniffing out a woman's breast cancer, and a Doberman pinscher puppy is the latest hero. According to Yahoo Shine, Diane Papazian's new puppy, a 4-month-old named Troy, was nuzzling her side when the action triggered an itching sensation on her skin. This caused Papazian to touch her left breast and notice a small lump.

Papazian had her routine mammogram six months prior and the results came out clean, so she was surprised by what Troy sniffed out. Her doctor determined the tumor was malignant and started her on a treatment process. Papazian's form of cancer was particularly aggressive, requiring her to undergo a chemotherapy and a double mastectomy procedure.

Now cancer free and healthy, Papazian is grateful for Troy.

"If the dog had come a month later or if we hadn't taken him, I don't know what would have happened," she told the source.

Cancer Detecting Dogs
A 12-week study conducted by the In Situ Foundation examined five dogs in a test against a control group. The pooches had a 98 percent accuracy rate of sensing volatile organic compounds, which were emitted from the breath of cancer patients. With these results, you might want to get yourself a dog for its companionship and its ability to save your life. 

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