Does Drinking Increase Your Risk? The Answer May Surprise You!

A glass of red wine has been said to help with heart health, and it seems that people are taking that detail a little bit out of context. Now there are rumors running around that alcohol can have other health benefits.

So if you were wondering if that glass of merlot could help with your risk of developing cancer, we’ve got some news for you, just to set the record straight. Alcohol isn’t really all its cracked up to be in terms of your health.

A study has found that women who drink three to six alcoholic beverages a week have an increased risk for developing breast cancer. And while not enough research has been done on whether fewer alcoholic beverages also have the same effect, it doesn’t appear that drinking in any capacity is actually good for you in terms of your cancer risk.

Doctors suggest that women moderate their alcohol intake and take care of themselves in other ways like eating right and exercising in order to keep themselves healthy.

While there’s no surefire way of avoiding breast cancer, there are ways to decrease your chances and keep your overall health up.

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