Shannen Doherty Undergoes Breast Reconstruction Surgery A Year After Remission

Shannen Doherty announced that she has undergone breast reconstruction one year after finding out her cancer is in remission.

The actress has enjoyed a robust return to work since she kicked cancer in April of 2017. She was recently seen in the Heathers reboot airing on the Paramount Network, and is thankful to be working so much.

During the course of her cancer battle, which spanned two years, Doherty underwent radiation, chemo, and a single mastectomy. She openly shared her journey with news outlets and kept fans up to date on her Instagram page.

Her journey isn’t over yet though. She recently underwent reconstruction surgery.

Photo: Instagram/theshando
Photo: Instagram/theshando

In a post honoring her mother for Mother’s Day, Doherty shared a pic of her in her hospital bed with her mother by her side. Her mom has been a huge support to Doherty, and this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a post about her. When Doherty began losing her hair to chemo in the summer of 2016 and decided to shave her head, her mom made the first cut.

Doherty also shared a photo of her with her plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, Dr. Jay Orringer, and his wife.

Photo: Instagram/theshando
Photo: Instagram/theshando

The caption reads: “Dinner with Dr Jay Orringer and his beautiful wife Jolynne. This man is performing surgery on me this week so dinner felt like a good call. @drjayorringer #reconstruction”

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In preparation for her reconstruction, Doherty banked some of her blood a couple weeks before the surgery, and also shared a post about that experience. It read in part: “My doctor had me bank some blood for my upcoming surgery. Mars P was patient with me and didn’t even roll his eyes at my anxiety over the needle size. He was patient, kind and really good.”

While there, she learned more about people who donate their blood and platelets regularly, and issued a heartfelt thanks to them for their sacrifice, explaining, “To say I’m moved by the generosity of people is an understatement.”

She also vowed to donate blood herself once she was cleared to do so.

Photo: Instagram/theshando
Photo: Instagram/theshando

Doherty is still in remission, and has regular check-ups. In April of 2018, one of her tests came back with slightly elevated tumor markers. However, the very next day she released a video saying she had talked with her regular doctor that morning and her fears were assuaged; her cancer was not back. Her PET scan was clear, and the test in question that came back with the slightly elevated tumor markers wasn’t totally reliable since it was easily impacted by other factors, and also specific to her cancer.

Learn more in her video below.

We’re so glad to hear you’re doing well, Shannen!

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