Find Out How Women Are Getting Free Rides to Breast Exams and Why You Probably Won’t

Saudi Arabia has recently been giving more freedom to women. Their elections in December were the first in which women could vote and run for office. But women still aren’t allowed to drive motor vehicles. One cab company, Easy Taxi, made international headlines with their month-long celebration of Breast Cancer awareness month.

And how did they celebrate? By teaming up with a breast cancer prevention organization to offer free cab rides to women seeking breast cancer check-ups! How cool is that? It’s time the rest of the world got on board with a project this awesome.

Via Hernán Piñera
Via Hernán Piñera

Easy Taxi is an app-based cab company similar to Uber. But Easy Taxi services 30 different countries. Just as Uber has donated free rides to various causes, Easy Taxi reached out to charitable organizations to provide free rides to Saudi women. In September 2015, they gave women free rides to polling booths so they could vote.

Last October, they teamed up with the Zahra Breast Cancer Association to give women rides to breast cancer check-ups in the cities of Riyadh and Jeddah. The Zahra Breast Cancer Association also arranged free appointments for many of these women at hospitals in those two cities.

Early detection is a key step in fighting breast cancer. And with the partnership of these two organizations, Saudi women have a chance in beating breast cancer.

Via Ooznu
Via Ooznu

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The free cab ride was offered through the month of October. Riyadh and Jeddah seem to be stepping stones for other cities to try out similar programs. And with the positive response from the international community, we hope that support like this is offered in more cities.

So spread the word about what they accomplished in Saudi Arabia. It shows the world how important initiatives like this are to fighting breast cancer everywhere. And who knows when a program like this will end up in your city!

Even a small donation can make a huge difference in a woman’s life.

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