My Grandmother: Elaine Sue Sanchez

Elaine was a strong woman who never let anything stand in her way. She was independent and brave. To me, grandma’s sidekick as most called me, she was invincible. But as we all know even superman has his kryptonite. In 2005 my grandmother went in for a mammogram knowing what the outcome was going to be. She had a lump on her breast that had been there for quite some time but her goal always was to live until she was 60, so she waited until after her 60th birthday. Even though she had told us she knew she had breast cancer, it did not soften the blow when the results came back positive.

My grandmother fought breast cancer for what seemed like forever. But it was really just over a year. I saw her struggle day after day with the chemo, praying she would just be okay. After a long fight she finally finished chemo and was than given radiation treatments. She was a fighter if I have ever known one. Things seemed to be looking up for her, but sometimes life has surprises in store. She held on as long as she could but she had just become too weak in her physical body. My grandmother fought the fight of breast cancer; some say she lost that fight, I say she won. Heaven needed her as an angel, that is the biggest victory of all.

Elaine Sue Sanchez 10/13/45 – 3/15/07

To all the ladies fighting breast cancer and their families, and to those who have lost a loved one, I send a hug to you. It’s not much but I hope it gives you some comfort today.

Tiria Brooke Martin

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