Ellen Has A Heartwarming Surprise For Mother and Daughter Who Fought Cancer Together

When Kim’s mom Becky was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Kim and her boyfriend decided to get married to ensure Becky could be there for the wedding. But when Kim received a breast cancer diagnosis just four months later, her wedding plans were put on hold.

Kim and her mom began going through cancer treatment together. “In a weird way it was the most helpful and best thing that could have happened to us,” Kim said, “I mean, it was a terrible, terrible thing to have happen, but my mom was right there the whole time.”

Photo: YouTube/ellentube

Kim and Becky carpooled to chemo, went through the loss of their hair together, and had treatments across the hall from each other at the hospital. While in treatment, they watched The Ellen Show at the hospital together with family. “It was the bright spot of our day, every day,” Kim said.

Grateful to Ellen for the encouragement, Kim emailed Ellen to share what the show had meant to her and her mom while they went through chemo. She wrote, “I eagerly await four o’clock when I know your show will bring me smiles and happiness.”

Photo: YouTube/ellentube
Photo: YouTube/ellentube

After their cancer treatment was completed, Kim and Becky decided they wanted to watch The Ellen Show in person. They had no idea Ellen knew they were coming and would surprise them by having Kim’s email read out loud to the audience.

Photo: YouTube/ellentube
Photo: YouTube/ellentube

After inviting them on stage to share their story, Ellen shared that she wanted to help Kim get her wedding back on track with some unique presents.

Watch below to see Ellen completely amaze this mother-daughter duo with a new twist on the traditional wedding gifts!

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