Watch This Cancer Survivor Get Surprise After Sweet Surprise From Ellen!

Ellen is a rockstar! She executes a beautiful surprise for a very brave breast cancer survivor named Bonnie.

Bonnie was diagnosed during her yearly mammogram; she had no family history of the disease. She doesn’t go into too much detail about the specifics of her battle in this video, but she is now cancer-free, and says she feels, “awesome!”

Ellen had posed a question to her viewers asking them how they’d been fighting the fight against cancer, which is how Bonnie and her husband Paul got her show.

Paul started a blog after Bonnie’s diagnosis to keep her east coast relatives aware of how she was doing, and how the rest of the family was doing. However, word spread about the blog, and after one nurse read it, she approached Paul to ask him to start a support group for men. He rose to the challenge!

Unfortunately, the couple doesn’t get to see each other that often, as they work in different cities in California. Bonnie explains to Ellen about how upset she is that he couldn’t make the show that day with her — especially since he works in L.A.!

If this sounds like an Ellen scheme to you, you’re right! Ellen says, “I want to meet him. I want to meet him immediately.” You can tell that Bonnie knows something is up! Then Ellen pauses, straight-faced, holding eye contact with Bonnie, before calling out, “Paul?”

Paul appears with flowers in his hand, the audience starts cheering and clapping wildly, and Bonnie starts crying, and — well, you have to watch the video to find out what’s in store for this couple! (No spoilers, but let’s just say, this phenomenal lady and her hubby get the best present(s) ever!)

Take a look!

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