Throw an Awesome Cancer Survivor Party

You’ve done it. After multiple, exhausting sessions and experiencing the bizarre array of side-effects, you’re officially done with chemotherapy. What a relief, right?

What better way to celebrate than to throw a party?

We love the idea of having a party to celebrate the end of chemo not only because it’s a major accomplishment for you, but it’s also a big deal to all the people who helped you through this tough time. Everyone deserves a moment to celebrate this victory!

Here’s some of our favorite tips, tricks, and ideas for making your chemo survival party a fun, memorable celebration of life.


  • Get a Fancy Cake: How often do you get to treat yourself to a custom-designed cake? Take this tradition usually reserved for wedding days and make it your own. It makes a beautiful (and tasty!) centerpiece for the table.
  • Dress Up: Chemo treatments have probably left you feeling exhausted and at odds with your body. Celebrate the major accomplishment your body has achieved by dressing up. You’ll look and feel beautiful, and you deserve it!
  • Bald is Beautiful: You can make quite a statement by showing off your beautiful bald head. Tiaras or henna designs will make you feel like the queen you are.
  • Paint it Pink: Pink balloons. Pink flowers. Pink tablecloths. Pink streamers. Pink plates. We think you get the picture.
  • Toast to Your Health: With pink champagne, pink lemonade, or a pink homemade sorbet punch.
  • Crank Up The Music: Choose awesome music that pays tribute to your indomitable spirit. Check out these seven empowering songs for some must-haves for your playlist. Make sure to check out the comments too for extra ideas! Don’t forget to leave room for people to get up and dance, because these songs are great to move to.
  • Treat Yourself: The Breast Cancer Site Store has an extensive collection of beautiful jewelry, clothing, shoes, and more to help you celebrate your victory over breast cancer. The Pink Ribbon Survivor Wire Cable Bracelet is a great way to show off your status as a survivor. Best of all, each purchase goes towards funding mammograms, research, and care for those fighting breast cancer.
  • Write Thank You Notes: While you’re at the center of the party, every survivor has an amazing team of people who helped them overcome cancer. Instead of party favors that will be thrown away or forgotten, take the opportunity to thank the people who played a pivotal role in your victory in writing. These thank you notes will be treasured and are a long-lasting reminder of your gratitude.

What other ideas do you have for the perfect post-chemo party? Let us know in the comments!

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