Epileptic Girl Loses Blanket, Internet Brings it Back

When an 8-year-old girl’s pink blanket went missing in southern Colorado, the Internet rallied and returned not only the blanket, but a sense of security for this special little girl.

Hayley received the blanket when she was 4 months old and in the hospital for her first seizure. She has Dravet Syndrome, a kind of epilepsy that starts in infancy. The blanket, named Kiki, has been with her ever since.

The duo have been through dozens of hospital stays, 7 or 8 moves, countless flights and ambulance rides, and thousands of seizures together. When Hayley couldn’t find Kiki one Sunday after church, her aunt Nichole Montanez posted a picture of Hayley and her blanket, explaining the duo’s unique history and asking for help on the Facebook page of Colorado Springs CBS affiliate KKTV.

The news agency spread the word, sharing Kiki and Hayley’s story with their 168,073 followers. Within hours the post had been shared over 800 times. Eventually, Pastor Kirby Neely of the church where Kiki was last seen at heard about the post. He searched the church and eventually found the pink blanket in a dumpster. The pastor contacted the news agency and they made an urgent post:

“BLANKIE FOUND! Nichole, please call our newsroom at 578-0000.”

The post was accompanied with a picture of Pastor Neely, perched on the dumpster with Hayley’s beloved pink blanket. Pastor Neely reunited Hayley with her blanket, a sense of security for the little girl. In a post after the blanket was returned, Hayley’s aunt thanked everyone for taking part in the special journey.

Sometimes the internet is a pretty helpful place. If you have a heart warming story that you’d like to share with us we’d love to hear it.

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