Inspired Fashion Ideas for Feeling Feminine Without Breasts

Figuring out what to wear after a mastectomy can be a challenge any day of the week. Between potential physical discomfort, changes in self-image, and a disparity between your current body shape and the body shape most clothing makers are focusing on, there are lots of factors involved in the wardrobe struggles many women experience.

Photo: YouTube/This Morning
Photo: YouTube/This Morning

Dressing up for an important event (or just to make yourself feel good) is even harder. The stakes are higher, and you expect to get more bang out of the effort you put into assembling an outfit. But when you’ve recently had a mastectomy and aren’t feeling or looking quite the same as you remember, the results aren’t always what you expected. Many formal dresses are low cut and may show off the scars you’re not interested in having people see. Others don’t work well with bras, leaving you unable to wear prosthetic garments with them.

Photo: YouTube/This Morning
Photo: YouTube/This Morning

So whether you’re rummaging around in your closet or out shopping for something new to make yourself feel beautiful, the video below will undoubtedly help you figure out what figure-flattering fashion choices are the best for you! You probably won’t find these exact outfits in stores, but you can use them as examples when you’re searching for the perfect item and look for specific characteristics to make yourself look and feel flawless.

Check it out, and feel free to let us know if you have any other tips for dressing up after a mastectomy.

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