Everyday Heroes: Breast Cancer Survivor Lives 10 Years Longer Than Expected

Can you imagine being told how long you were going to live? And then living six times longer than expected? Most of us have no idea when we’ll die, but it always seems like the end of life is so far away. For some of us, however, the end is anticipated to be very close, and we have to decide what we’ll do with our limited time.

When Delese Range was first diagnosed with breast cancer, she was told that she had two years to live. A shocking thing to find out, for sure, but it hasn’t stopped her from continuing to live a full life. It’s been 12 years since then − and she’s still living with cancer. What an amazing strong woman!

By her side the whole time: her husband, Lonzie. “The future is bright,” he says. “We’re gonna live, not just survive.”

From the moment you see the two of them together, you know that their love is a special and beautiful thing.

Take a look at their awesome relationship in the video below. You’ll wish you had something this special!

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