Parents And Sibling Adore This Redditor’s Ex-Girlfriend, And It’s Breaking The Family Apart

Relationships are complicated. Plain and simple.

Love is sweet and all that, but not every relationship lasts. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be friends with your ex. Sometimes, especially if you’ve been with someone for years, your pals and even your family can develop their own friendship with your ex and will still keep in contact even if you had already broken up.

Being friends or just mere acquaintances with your ex wouldn’t be a problem in a perfect world. Once you enter into another romantic relationship though, well, that’s bound to become an issue.

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A Redditor posted in the Relationship Advice subreddit about how his family still keeps in touch with his ex-girlfriend, and it’s making him and his current girlfriend uncomfortable.

“It bothers me how they stayed close and refuse to end that relationship.”

Our main characters for this story are all in their late 20s, and OP and his ex had been together for four years. What contributed to the family’s bond with the ex would probably be because she lived with them for a while during the pandemic. Now that’s a lot of bonding time, to say the least.

OP said that he had already asked his family to move on from his old relationship, but they refused and said that OP can’t control their friends. Fair enough. They’re all adults, and they can hang out with whoever they want.

I also vowed to stay friends with my brother’s girlfriend even if they broke up (amicably, I should say) because their relationship status is not a factor when it comes to friendship.

And it looks like OP and his ex broke up just because, in OP’s words, “we just were going separate ways in life.” He said there was no infidelity and no abuse. A real grown-up breakup. Good for them both!

In comes the current girlfriend. OP wrote that, because of his family’s friendship with his ex, his current girlfriend is unwilling to develop a relationship with his family.

Now the problem is OP and the current gf are expecting a child together.

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“She wants a relationship with my parents but feels uncomfortable with the whole situation and feels pushed away and that they choose my ex over her.”

This weird dynamic they have in their home is now making OP drift away from his family.

“I don’t want them to miss out on their first grandchild, but I feel they’re leaving no choice.”

That must be so heartbreaking for both OP and his parents. We don’t even know if the parents are aware that they’re pregnant!

“I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to cut my family off, I love them, but I understand that’s a possibility. This sucks, any guidance or similar situations would help.”

And that’s the end of OP’s post.

Seeing OP’s replies in the comments, he figures that the reason why his family still hangs out with his ex is that they might be holding onto the hope that they would reconcile and get back together again. Now that OP’s having a child with his current gf, I doubt that that will happen.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any updates on this one. All we know is that the pregnancy is going well and that they’re maintaining a healthy distance from the family for now.

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The top comment said that while they agree that OP doesn’t have any say in his family’s relationship with his ex, if they were just maintaining it for ‘OP’s sake,’ then it’s not a real friendship, they said.

Most of the commenters just advised OP to focus on his partner for now. Some of the other comments have pointed out that maybe the fast pregnancy news might have contributed to the awkwardness, and OP agrees, but he also said that he knows that while it was an unexpected pregnancy, he’s excited to be a father, and his child is his top priority now.

What advice would you give to OP?

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I (M27) have been dating my Girlfriend (F26) for 10 months. My family still hangs out/sees/talks with my ex-girlfriend (F27) and it makes me and my girlfriend uncomfortable.
byu/ThrowRAfamilyEXGF inrelationship_advice

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