Exercise is important for improving health after breast cancer

Any woman who has had breast cancer knows the huge toll that it takes on her health. Even once the cancer is gone, it is normal to still feel tired and weak, making it difficult to return to the same level of physical activity that you may have once engaged in. However, it is important that you start exercising again in order to see a significant improvement in your health once you have finished your treatments and overcome cancer. You may have crossed the finish line, but you still have to take your cool-down lap if you want to stay healthy and strong.

Starting out may be difficult, so take small steps as you ease your way back into a workout routine. If you can't do a full mile, then run half of one. It would be unrealistic to expect you to be able to jump back into the same types of workouts you did before you were diagnosed with cancer. Starting with low-impact strengthening exercises such as yoga, tai chi, swimming or bike riding might be the ideal way for you to get moving again. After you make it past the first week or two, you'll start falling into the rhythm of being active again and you'll be well on your way to improved health.

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