She’s Been Undergoing Chemo For 8 Years, And This Is How She “Saves Her Brows”

Chemotherapy is draining, physically and emotionally, and can come with a host of side effects.

Of course you anticipate hair loss — but you might not know that it can actually happen all over the body, not just on the scalp. Sometimes you lose your eyelashes, eyebrows, armpit, and pubic hair too.

And while most of us wouldn’t be upset to lose our armpit hair, it’s a different story when it comes to our eyebrows.

Photo: YouTube/Ann Silberman

Ann Silberman lives with stage IV breast cancer, and operates a popular breast cancer blog to help other women going through the disease.

She’s been undergoing chemo for eight years. Eight years! So she has some experience when it comes to handling the side effects of chemotherapy.

She calls this trick her “great contribution to cancer society.” Though she means it in jest, her trick can give a much-needed sense of normalcy to women undergoing treatment at a time when life feels upside down.

Photo: YouTube/Ann Silberman

When you’re stressed about the side effects of cancer treatment, finding ways to inject some normalcy back in your life can be a much-needed relief.

In this video, she reveals her great system to save the shape of your brows — so you’re not just guessing where they used to be after chemo.

See how Ann “saves her brows” and learn how you can, too!

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