Fighting Breast Cancer — and Winning!

I never thought it would happen to me. I was passing all mammagrams until April of 2011. Then I received the dreaded phone call: “Something showed up on your mammagram, we need to do a biopsy on both breasts.” I was in denial. This was a bad dream. Then I received the second phone call. “You have DCIS in your right breast, but your left breast is benign.” I had no clue was DCIS was and had to be educated fast. I was overwhelmed with fear and anger. The mammogram only detected 1cm in size, but my first lumpectomy revealed it was 4 to 6cm in size. My margins were not clear, so I had to have another lumpectomy and still did not get clear margins. More fear and more anger. At that point I had to make a decision, another lumpectomy or mastectomy. I chose to go for one more lumpectomy as I wanted to save my breast. I had three surgeries in six weeks, then began radiation. With God by my side I made it through radiation. I met the most wonderful people at the The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders in Fort Worth, Texas. I started to count my blessings and let go of the anger. I have recovered from radiation, but the fear will never go away. I tell every woman who I have met with breast cancer to keep fighting. I am!

Hugs and Blessing to all

Bedford, TX

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