First Ever e-IORT Therapy in Florida’s History a Success

Breast cancer patients in Florida may have something to smile about. Susan Rosser and Dr. Beth-Ann Lesnikoski have made history by being part of Florida's first ever electron intraoperative radiation therapy (e-IORT) on a breast cancer patient. Rosser, 51, received the treatment from Lesnikoski and a team of other doctors at JFK Medical Center in Atlantis, Florida.

The treatment effectively combines the two most common steps of breast cancer treatment: surgery and radiation. Typically, women have to undergo several weeks or even months of radiation following tumor removal to ensure that the cancer does not return. E-IORT, however, delivers an extremely concentrated dose of radiation to patients while they are still on the operating table. The process of radiating the patient's affected area typically only takes several minutes.

Lesnikoski explained to the Palm Beach Post that this sort of treatment could be a perfect method for women who might struggle with the scheduling of lengthy, more traditional radiation treatments.

"I imagine this treatment being a viable method for two groups:," Lesnikoski told the source. "Busy professional women and elderly ones who have trouble with transportation."

According to Jupiter ABC affiliate WPBF, Jupiter Medical Center in Jupiter, Florida, is also expected to receive the necessary equipment to conduct the e-IORT therapy by the end of summer.

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