This May Be The Best Breast Cancer PSA I’ve ever watched

Poetry can be a powerful medium. Whether you’re reading a Shel Silverstein book as a child, or tackling classic poetry in high school, it can range from silly and charming, to dark and grueling. But the power doesn’t come from the words alone, but the feelings and passion of the person writing them. The therapeutic and transformative power is impossible to deny.

Breast cancer treatment is physically grueling and can lead many women to feel like the disease is stealing their beauty. Tracy DeSoto, however, disagrees completely. DeSoto survived her battle with breast cancer and began growing back her hair. She went to Ulta Beauty for her first haircut after treatment and shows us that her beauty never left. What’s fascinating about this video is that the words DeSoto reads are palindromic: they make sense when they’re read backwards too!

Watch as the words on the screen shift from negative to positive in this inspiring, message of hope!

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