How Do Strangers View You, Really? The Answer May Surprise You!

In this short video, people were asked to stand in front of a mirror and say what the think of themselves, and what they think others see. Since we are our own worst critics, the comments people said of themselves were pretty harsh – from crooked teeth, unwanted cheek structure, bad hair, and more. What these individuals DIDN'T know, is that the mirror was two-way! On the other side of the mirror, strangers were asked their first opinion of the person standing in front of them. It turns out, our greatest insecurities are not very noticeable to other people. Where we see bad hair, others see a friendly smile. Where we see crooked teeth, others see bright eyes, and great skin.
Watch this inspiring video, and be reminded of how beautiful you really are! And don't forget to compliment others. Your words hold more weight than you think.

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