Fishing Retreat Helps Survivors Recover

Battling breast cancer can be a long and difficult journey, which is why survivors need time to heal and recover. The founders of Casting For Recovery know this very well, and have created a retreat program that gives women the relaxation they need after beating the Big C. Founded in 1996 by Dr. Benita Walton, a reconstructive surgeon, and Gwenn Bogart, a professional fly fisher, Casting For Recovery offers survivors the chance to learn to fish in the pristine surroundings of nature.

The retreat is open to 14 women at a time. They each get an instructor who helps them improve their fly fishing techniques. The women also attend medical education classes all about going through the recovery process. Finally, the retreat provides relaxing physical activity, such as yoga classes. The best part is that women who attend can do so with no cost. Casting For Recovery accepts donations and hosts for-cost retreats to raise money for survivors. 

Because the retreat is physically active (though not rigorous), women who wish to participate must be in the recovery stage. They can apply online to get a spot in an upcoming Casting For Recovery retreat. 

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