Five Heartwarming Stories of Cancer-Detecting Pets

There is growing evidence beyond the anecdotal that both dogs and cats are capable of sniffing out breast cancer in their human companions. We look at some of our favorite stories involving our furry friends helping to save a life.

Daisy is My Guardian Angel!


“Daisy is my guardian angel!” Fiona Cole’s cocker spaniel Daisy not only has her back, but actually saved her life. One night, Daisy suddenly began to sniff and nudge under Cole’s left breast whenever she would sit on the couch. Cole thought nothing of it for three weeks until Daisy head-butted her breast. To the shock of Cole and her husband, a bruise and a large lump were evident by the morning. A trip to the doctor revealed that the lump was actually breast cancer. Cole was diagnosed with aggressive HER2-positive breast cancer, which had spread to her lymph nodes and had been diagnosed just in time to be able to treat it.

Max and Maureen

Maureen noticed that Max was not his usual bouncy, lively self, and stayed away from her. Instinctively knew something was wrong. Sure enough, she detected a lump in her breast, and the doctors confirmed it was breast cancer. Maureen credits Max for saving her life.

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