This Lackadaisical Floating Dog Is a Whole Mood

Lots of dogs love the water, but very few act like this doggo does when encountering a whole pool full of the stuff! We’re used to seeing dogs splashing and wriggling and jumping in water with heaps of energy and excitement. Today’s pup is a little bit more…mellow, to say the least.

When we say this dog is relaxed, we are not kidding. He’s the absolute epitome of laziness (in the best possible way), refusing to move a single muscle to propel himself through the water. All alone and without a care in the world, he’s content to lie completely motionless, legs dangling below him, and let the water gently scoot him along at a snail’s pace. He just bobs there, taking a moment to lap up some water when he feels a little thirsty without even needing to move his head.

Photo: YouTube/USA TODAY

Of course, we’ve got to acknowledge the little paddle he does at the very end, presumably to make it that last few inches to the stairs without having to wait an hour to get there. I mean, even the most laid back among us have places to be sometimes. Like, you know, massage appointments and naps and stuff.

This dog is a whole mood. We want to be this dog. How does one even go about achieving this level of effortless perfection? We must know the secret!

Photo: YouTube/USA TODAY

Time to book a vacation so we can cool off all alone in a pool in the sunshine too. We may not look half as poised and leisurely as this perfect pooch, but we can try.

Take a peek at the video below to see how comically motionless this dog really is. No, the clip isn’t broken; he really is just that still. Check it out and have a little giggle!

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