This Breast Cancer Survivor Tackled Chemo Like a Champ — See Where She Is Now!

A few years ago, What You Can Do and the Breast Cancer Site interviewed breast cancer survivor Marisa Cote. At that point, the high school English teacher had had surgery to remove the cancer and had been through several chemotherapy treatments. She had gone back to work and felt like she was really able to be a mother again to her two little boys. But she still had one chemo treatment yet to do.

Several months later, we caught up with Marisa again to see how well she recovered and how life was going. Happily, things are going great for her now! She finished chemo and got started on an antibody treatment, and she was preparing for her reconstructive surgery due to take place in a few months.

Marisa credits her mother as an inspiration during this difficult time in her life. When Marisa was seven, her mother was diagnosed with leukemia. “I saw her go through treatment at a young age, and I was able to see how strong of a woman she was,” Marisa said. “So I think that helped me to go through my treatment, and I hoped that I could do the same thing… live without cancer for the rest of my life.”

She says her mother’s advice also helped her get through chemo. It was actually nice having someone around who had done it before and knew what Marisa should expect.

Watch the video to hear more from Marisa. This brave woman is so beautiful and strong! She makes cancer treatment look like a breeze!

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