Former Beauty Queen Starts Nonprofit to Fund Genetic Testing

Tera Martin is no stranger to cancer. Her family carries the BRCA genes, which means they are at a higher risk for getting the disease. It began with her grandmother, who had two bouts of breast cancer in her 30s and 40s. Later, Martin's mother underwent surgical treatment for her stage 1 breast cancer. The latest generation has also been touched. At age 28, Martin was diagnosed with stage 3B ductal carcinoma breast cancer.

As a result, she started the Pink Gene Foundation to increase awareness and help give women believed to be high risk access to BRCA testing. According to Seattle FOX affiliate KCPQ, as a former Miss Greater Seattle, Martin is also working to help cancer patients and survivors feel pretty.

"Just showing people you can still be beautiful while you're bald," Martin told the source. "I know how frightening it is to lose your hair and to see other women my age not go with a wig or feel scared to lose their hair, I wanted to show them, 'Hey, I did it you can do it too.'"

According to the Pink Gene Foundation, a majority of insurance providers don't cover genetic testing. Also, up to 65 percent of women who have the BRCA1 mutation will develop the disease by age 70.

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